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What to do if your Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

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What to do if your credit card is lost or stolen

Having your card get lost or stolen can be quite annoying. You can be a victim of fraudulent charges or identity theft.
If you notice that your credit card is lost or stolen, worry not. Do not panic. You should act quickly to lessen the consequence that it may bring.  
To help you out, here are the necessary steps to take in case your credit card is lost or stolen.

Call your credit card provider

The first thing you need to do in case your credit card has been lost or stolen is to call your card provider.
Let them know what happens immediately. You can report this incident to your provider’s website, via phone call, or you can go to their branch.
If you can report it right away, you won’t be liable for any fraudulent charges or transactions that may occur after your card has been lost or stolen.
In case you don’t inform your card provider about this kind of incident right away, you can be liable for any transactions made on your credit card. So, it is essential that you have your car provider’s contact details.

Provide the necessary information

When you inform your credit card provider, give the necessary information so they can help you settle this problem.
Here is the essential information that you need to give to your credit card provider once you report your case:
  • Account number
  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Date your card was lost or stolen
  • Date and amount of your last purchase

Check your credit card transaction history 

Unauthorized and fraudulent charges are common when there is a lost and stolen credit card, especially if you have a high credit limit.
To see if there are any fraudulent activities that may occur, check the transaction history of your credit card. You can check this through the mobile app of your credit card. You can also request a detailed transaction record from your credit card company. If there are any charges that you notice, report it immediately to your card provider.

Follow-up your case

The time and date you reported your lost or stolen card is important. This will let you know if your card provider is doing something about your case.
You can follow up on your case via phone call, email, or letter. Do not forget to provide the information to have a faster process.
Furthermore, keep all the information and transactions recorded for future reference.
Anyone of us can experience having a lost or stolen credit card. Good thing, we can do something about it. To avoid this kind of incident, here are some tips to consider.
  • Keep your credit card secure in your wallet.
  • Always check your credit card billing statement. Look for any discrepancies.
  • Check your credit report as well.
  • Avoid sharing private information like account numbers via phone calls.
  • Keep a record of your credit card account information.
  • Bring only the cards you need.
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