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How To Make Money Online with StudentNaija Income Program

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Today, I will be explaning how studentnaija income program work.

Studentnaija was an income program launched mainly for students in which to help them earn for themselves without going extra mile to get money or without disturbing their parents.

Studentnaija income program will allow you as a student to earn living without affecting your academic, you don’t have to physicality engage in this income program before you could work online, you don’t have to spend hours working with studennaija cause all you need it just two hours of doing what you love.

What is more interesting than been payed for what you love doing, studentnaija pay you what your activities on studentnaija site and those activities will be listed below.

1 Reading post

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2 commenting

3 Posting to forum

4 Sharing sponsored post

5 Daily login

6 Referring families and friends.

Those are some of the activities you will get paid for as a registered member studentnaija income program,

Studentnaija Registration guide

For you to make money from the studentnaija income program you have to be a fully registered member, so in this paragraph, I will explain how to register for the studentnaija income program.

First is the issue of the registration fee which is #1,600

This fee can either be paid with your ATM card or by buying a coupon code from one of their vendors.

Some basic info is required for your registration which are:

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Full name


Phone No.


Visit www.studentnaija.com

NOTE:- you have to provide a valuable Email, which will be used for your account confirmation and also to reset your password anytime.

How to withdraw your money from studentnaija

Studentnaija has a user-friendly dashboard that will allow members to navigate and use it properly, you can withdraw your money from this income program once you have attained the minimum withdrawal. The most interesting part of this is that you don’t necessarily have to refer anyone before you could withdraw your funds.

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