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Simple Ways To Earn Living Online – How To Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

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Money Making Ideas is a site that explained the best ideas for making money online mostly here in Nigeria. Today would not be an exception, I will be explaining most money ideas. The most perfect ideas for making money online in Nigeria.

Firstly making money online in this 24th century is no more a big deal, there are many money making ideas which can be utilised for making earning online mostly here in Nigeria.

Is Online Making Money Legit Or Not Legit?

There as been history of scamming and other cyber crime act recently on the Internet but not all of them are scam, in my write up I will provide you the most money ideas ever on this platform, you can earn living with those ways. Those legitimate ways to make money online will be explain below.

Requirements To Make Money Online

In this paragraph, I will list the requirements for making money online. This requirement are what will use in our daily activities which are not special thing . What is mostly required to make money online are:

1. Pc or mobile phone

Your Pc or mobile phone is what is mostly require by you to make money online in this 24th century.

2. Internet connection

Another important requirements for this which is very important is Internet connection.
This is the most essential requirements for making money online.

3. Little Time

Very lttle time is required. One of the important of online job is that very little time is required, three to four hours daily is okay.

Importance Of Online Jobs – Advantages of Working Online

The following are the reasons why online jobs is preferred to offline jobs,

1. No Skills Are required

The very important reason why online jobs is preferred to offline jobs is that it no special skill is required. You don’t have to have any skill before you can work online.

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2. No Qualification Required

You don’t have to be Bsc holder before you can work online, no qualifications is required to for online.

3. Flexibility

Online jobs are very flexible, you don’t have to wake up by 5am in the morning, you don’t have to wear cooperate dress for online jobs you can do it anytime anywhere without problems.

4. It Is Universal Accepted

You don’t have to be from a particular region or country before you could make money online. Most of this only jobs accept members from different part of the country.

How To Get Started With Making Money Online

The very important thing to notice is that this online jobs is also a job, but is different from offline jobs because of their different nature. Before you get started with online money first you have to be determined and be ready to work. Earning money online is not hard as most people tthink it was but you have to sacrifice and dedicate some of your time.

Some Of The Ways To Make Money Online

There are many ways to earn money online, those ways are not hard but you have to dedicate your time so as to yield better result. I we be explaining some of those ways to make money online, some of these ways include doing what you love dong and get pay for it eg reading news, commenting and sharing of post to your socaial media handle.

Get Pay For Reading News

This is one of the coolest way to make money online, it is the most trending way of earning online here in Nigeria.
In this program you can earn as much as possible depending on the hours you spend. Yes this is real, there are numbers of paying sites which compensate there members for using the site.
Those site reward individual members for reading post on there site example include;

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Nairatime.com Online paying Site

Nairatime is a online paying site which reward it’s members for some activities on the site, those activities include:

I. Reading Post

Users get rewarded for reading post on the site, the most amazing part of this is that that is no limitation to to amount of post you read which make it great. You can earn as much as you want

ii. commenting

Nairatime income program also pays it members for making comments on each post on the site.

iii. Sharing Of Sponsored Post

When ever you find any eye catching post on the site and you decided to post it on your social media timeline Nairatime also reward you for that

iv. Referring friends

This is another interesting way of making money with Nairatime income program. You will be rewarded with specific amount for referring others to join the program. There is no limitation to number of people you can refer.

Those are some of the earning activity on nairatime earning platform.

Some of the earning site which is similar to nairatime.com are listed below:


2. Online surveys

This is another great way of making cool money online, taking survey can be another interesting way of making money online.
All over the world most especially in America and Africa survey has been one of the most important way to make money online.
Answering questions about brands and firm to get a better choice is pretty way of making money online, there are are many legitimate online site that pay its user for answering questions and given out their opinion to improve the brands.
Some of those survey sites will be list below:

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I. www.hiving.com
Hiving is a research company that is recruiting new members worldwide to answer survey questions and also give review about new product. For a few minutes of form filling, you would have make a couple quid which is paid or rewards. You can make up to £3 ($5) for some survey.

Some of those similar survey to Hiving with are legitimate and really pay it members are:

3. Reviewing New Site And Apps

It sounds really great, this is another interesting way of making money online just by using and testing newly created site and apps. Some of those sites are:


Usertesting is a new platform that pays registered members to check and review all kinds of sites and apps. Each review take up to 20 minutes and bags you $10 (€6.50), payment is through PayPal. All you have to do is to sign up, complete a test review and look forward to receiving websites in you inbox to review.

Those are few of many ways to earn money online, you don’t have to have any special skills or any huge capital before you can make money online, also making earning online is very easy you just have to utilised you devices they are your tools.
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