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Myworkforlife Review – Scam or Legit?

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Hello everyone and welcome to Money Making Ideas, today I will be reviewing one of the recent online income programs in which lots of people have probably been involved.

Firstly let’s check myworkforlife homepage. 
According to them, it’s the fastest way to make money online just by spending only 1 hour of your time daily as long as you have internet enabled device.

It beats walking dogs, picking up shifts at Starbucks, and renting a clown suit to work at kids’ birthday parties.

Here, you work very little, doing very easy tasks, and you will see the money start flowing into your account. Sign up for free, and start making money online in a matter of minutes. 

How to myworkforlife works

www.myworkforlife.com is a referral program that is said to reward you for every individual you refer to join the income program using your referrer link.

By doing this they will be able to generate more traffic for their advertisers in which they get paid and pay every member of their income program.

For every individual, you refer you will be able to earn within the range of 5$ to 10$  which is impossible to earn with referring site.
They claim their top members are making $200 a day, or more than $5000 a month.

How does myworkforlife intend to pay

You won’t be able to withdraw your money until it reached a minimum of 300$ which can only be paid to you through PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, by cheque, or by bank transfer.

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This kind of money is so impossible to earn with this type of simple referring program.

Reason why myworkforlife is a scams site

There are lots of reason to believe that myworkforlife is a scam site

1. Myworkforlife is a scam site believed to be run by a series of cyber criminals who also manage other sites like

i . Mypaygrow.com
ii. Kidspaymoney.com
iii. Thejobpayment.com and other fraudulent sites.

We can say these all sites are run and operated by the same cybercriminal because the website theme, website script, business model, and other details of these sites are exactly similar.

2. All the sites similar to MyWorkForLife haven’t paid anyone and neither will pay in the future. So, it is clear that MyWorkForLife.com will also not pay anyone so you are advised to stay away from it.

3. What this site sites are after is to use you to generate income for themselves without paying you in return.

They will make money by selling the personal information of members to third parties such as email addresses, payment processor details and so on which members have to provide them to register with the site and to request the cash-out. These kinds of sites also make money by tricking members. For example; When members request to cash out their earnings, these kinds of sites will tell them to pay some fees or upgrade their account or complete some paid surveys in order to get the payment. But, those members who did that by paying money from their own pocket, also didn’t receive any payment from these kinds of sites.

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4.  The business model of all the sites similar to MyWorkForLife.com is completely bogus. MyWorkForLife has also exactly the same kind of business model which claims to pay from $5 to $10 per click that members receive on their referral link for which members only need to copy and paste their referral link on different social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and so on. However, anyone can advertise their website on social media sites by paying $5 per 15 to 100 clicks. So, there is no reason to pay the $10 per click that any site receives from the social media sites like Facebook. So, this business claim made by these kinds of sites is completely bogus. None of the legit sites will get any benefit by paying $5 to $10 per click that they receive from social media sites or from any other sites.

5. Another reason why myworforlife is a scam is that they claim to be in existence for over a few years which is actually untrue. 
There was created in September 2018.

Why do they want to lie that they are a few years old?

The answer is very simple. It is to give a false sense of credibility where there is none.


6. Also another reason to believe that myworkforlife is a scam is that nobody knows who the owner was. Unlike other online money-making sites, the owners are known to all.

7.    Support email is fake

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I tried sending an email to their support, and it got bounced, with the message that the email address could not be found, as there is no such user:


This means you will be spending your time and effort trying to get all your referrals, and when you have accumulated earnings of $300, and try to cash out, you will face issues.

When you try to contact their support to resolve the issues, you will not get any help because the email is fake. They are not willing to allow you to contact them.

8.   Some of the comments from their users

9.   Myworkforlife  is said to be managed by a series of cyber criminals using a single server to operate multiple sites i.e a single design for different website

Examples of the other websites I have found that are similar to myworkforlife :

– DoEasyWork.com 
– DoPartTimeJob.com 
– DoWeeklyWork.com
– KingJobz.com
– MyHourlyPay.com 
– PayDepth.com 
– PayHourlyJobs.com 
– StartPartTimeJob.com 
– TheJobPayment.com 
– WeeklyDouble.com 
– WorkForCompany.com
– WorkPocketMoney.com 

Stay away from myworkforlife it is a scam and stop wasting your precious time on it.

There are many other ways to make money online even though some are without investment. Check back for ways to make money online

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