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Make Over N10k weekly with Paidnews Income program

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Welcome to another edition of mostmoneyideas, I will be discussing one of the ways to make money online by doing a simple task.

Paidnews was recently launched to provide solutions to the financial problems which people are currently facing here in Nigeria.

Paidnews was just like most of the recent paying sites in Nigeria which pays their users for using the site.

How to start making money with paidnews

Before you can begin to make money with paidnews, you have to be a registered member. The registration fee is…….

This money will be used to activate your account so you can start earning immediately after registration.

Paidnews Registration procedures

Registering for paidnews income program isn’t difficult work to do, all you have to do is to fill up a registration form on the site where some basic info is been asked.

1. Username

A username is a unique identifier that indicates your account from other accounts, each one of the members has a different username. This username can be your nickname or pet name.

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2. Your name

In this space, you will fill in your real name starting from your first name then followed by your surname.

3. Email

You are required to provide a real and working email because you will have to confirm your account using the email you provided.

4. Password

We all know what a password is. And if you don’t know a password is a secret combination of alphabets, symbols, and characters to secure your account from unwanted people, so you are advised to use a strong password for your paidnews account.

5. Phone number

This is another essential info which is required by paidnews.

Registration link www.yaaview.com

Registration Fee Payment

This is no big deal here, there are two methods provided by paidnews that you can use to pay for the fee. The first method is:

Registration fee is just #1,000

1. Buy coupon code.

One of the methods to pay for your paidnews registration account is to buy a coupon code from one of their coupon code sellers. A coupon is a series of numbers and alphabet which you will use to register and your account will be activated immediately. You can get some of the coupon sellers on their site homepage.

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2. Pay with an ATM card

This method of payment is pretty easy, What you got to do is input your ATM card number which is the 15 digits in front of the card and the card expiration date also CVV, and ATM card pin. That all your registration fees will be deducted.

After successful registration, you can start earning money immediately.

How to make money with Paidnews

Paidnews will reward its registered members for performing certain actions, they will be fully explained below.

1. Daily login

This is pretty awesome, all you have to do is to log in to your paidnews account daily and you will be rewarded.

2. Reading post

This is also good, for every post you read on the site, you will be rewarded for it but the most interesting part of this is that there is no limitation to posts you can read daily, which means you can earn as long as you want.

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3. Commenting

You will get rewarded for every well-constructed comment on each post, also there is no limitation to comments you make but most be well constructed

4. Referring friends (#1000)

You will be rewarded with #1000 for everyone you referred to join the program through your referring link.

5. Posting

Paidnews also give rewards to members who post to the forum.

How to withdraw from paidnews

Paidnews offers a very simple method of payment to it members which allow its members to withdraw their individual money to their respective banks.

The condition necessary to obtain before requesting for withdrawal is that your funds must be above 5k which is the minimum withdrawal, once you have attained 5k and above you are eligible to fill the withdrawal form for your money to be processed for payment.

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