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How To Make Money Online using Cash App

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Welcome to another edition of making money online. I will discuss another way to make money online, some of those ways will be from Cash app.
                      Cash App

Cash app over the year have been a good sources of income for many people. Using Cash app to make money is pretty good and easy.
The idea of cash app is to help people to make money online.

Cash App Registration

  Cash app does not require any special registration, all you have to do is to download the app from Google play.google.com and some other popular store like www.apkpure.com  and after a successful download  just install the app and lunch it.

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       How to make money with Cash App

Cash app provide various ways to make money using there platform such of those way are.

1. Daily login

Cash grants it user 5 points for daily login, this point can be earned once a day.

2. Sharing of post on your timeline 

Cash app also provide this unique way to earn by just sharing a post to your Facebook timeline, this can be done once in every week.

3. Testing of site and apps

 This really sounds interesting, all you have to do is to test new site and some app and you will be rewarded for it.

4. Survey 

 Another way to earn on cash app is by answering survey questions. Some brands really want your opinions  to innovate there service and you will be rewarded for it.

5. Watching of Ads

     Cash app provide this earning opportunity to increase your point. All you have to do is to watch thirty seconds advertisements placed on there site.

How does Cash app generate their income?

There are many ways through which Cash app generate there income, some of those ways are from the advertisements that is been placed on there app they also generate there income from the brands.

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How Cash App Pays its Users

For now paypal is the online payment method which cash app used in paying there user. One of the reason Paypal is used is that PayPal is the most popular and most acceptable payment method  globally.

Cash app minimum payout

Cash out pay for their users who have one thousand point and above.

Do you like Cash app, if yes yours contribution is needed in the commenting section below and don’t forget to share the link.

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