Home Business Make Money Online by answering simple Maths questions with Nairax

Make Money Online by answering simple Maths questions with Nairax

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Nairax.me income

# Nairax.me income review

Nairax income over simple ways of making money online just by answering simple mathematics questions.
There has been lots of question concerning Nairax, like
# Is Nairax legit or scam
# How to get started with Nairax
# How does Nairax work
# Did Nairax really pay
# How to withdraw Nairax earning
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All those question will be attended to.
First of all, Nairax is an online legit site created most especially for students.
Nairax is designed and programmed to deliver simple mathematics questions. For every question you got correct you stand the chance to win 5 points.

Most of us here hate mathematics even right from our primary class, but in this case, you don’t have to be scared you won’t be given any complex maths or any equations to solve it just some basic maths questions, some basic arithmetic like multiplication, addition, subtraction, division which shouldn’t be a problem for us to solve.

# Some frequently asked questions

– How to get started with Nairax income??

Getting started with nairax income is as easy as you may think, what you have to do is to register through this link www.Nairax.me

# Nairax Registration procedure

Registering for Nairax is very simple.
Your phone number is required first which you must confirm using any of the three verification procedure
i. Receiving verification code with an SMS
ii Receiving the code with Facebook.
Note: the code will appear on your Facebook notification.
iii Using your WhatsApp to receive the code.
After a successful phone number verification, you can now proceed with the full registration.
Your first name
Last name
Email address
 Use this code 40126
Is required before you can be fully registered and start making money answering simple maths questions on nairax.me


The idea of nairax was to provide you with questions every hour for you to answer, these questions are less than 15 most time and you earn 5 points for answering them.
Those questions are simple so you don’t have to be scared imagine being asked what is 300-153 you don’t even need a calculator to solve it.
By extension, you can get up to 120 points a day without any referral bonus, if you have Referral, your earnings increases accordingly.


Yes, nairax really pay below are some of the nairax credit alerts.


Nairax provides ways of getting your earning
1 Through recharge card
This option is available to withdraw your money in a simple way, once you reach the minimum payment of 50 points for the recharge card, then you can request your earning
2. Bank transfer

This option is also available to be able to get your earnings to your individual bank account once the minimum point of 200 is attained.


Assuming you have 120 points each point equals #1 ie 120 points = 120#



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