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Make N5,000 per day with 9jabulletin Income Program (free registration)

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9jabulletin is a newly launched income program that was recently launched in Nigeria.

The aim of this earning income program was to help individuals mostly students and midwives and those who love to make money online but have low or absolute no capital.

Getting Started with 9jabulletin income program

Before getting started with 9jabulletin you have to be a registered member. The registration procedure will be explained further.

The following are required for 9jabulletin registration.

1. Username
2. Full name
3. Email
4. Password

To register for 9jabulletin follow the link below to get the #200 registration bonus


After successful registration, you are ready to make money on 9jabulletin.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Registration is free but you have to upgrade your account with #1,600 before you can withdraw your earnings.


Before you can make money with 9jabulletin you must perform some certain activity, this uncle;

1. Daily Login
Wow, this is an interesting part of 9jabulletin, individual members earn the sum of #200 for login daily.

2. Sponsored Post

Individuals get #200 for sharing sponsored posts on 9jabulletin to your social media. This is limited.

3. Reading News
This is another fun way to earn money on 9jabulletin. Users will be rewarded with #5 for reading news, this is really interesting.

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4. Commenting

Users earn #3 for commenting on any post in 9jabulletin the most interesting part of this is that there is no limitation to the number of posts you comment on.

5. Referring

This is a cool way to be rewarded on 9jabulletin just by referring families and friends to join 9jabulletin.

#  9jabulletin Payout

Receiving your money from 9jabulletin is pretty easy also you don’t have to refer before you can withdraw money from 9jabulletin.
9jabulleting pay it, user, every weekend when the minimum withdrawal is attained.

The minimum payout is #5,000 for active members.

How Does 9jabulletin Generate Their income

This is a question lots of people have been asking concerning 9jabulletin.
9jabulletin generate most of their income through various advertisements they placed on their site and decided to share the revenue with their members.

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