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How to Make Money Online: How to Work from Home and make good Money

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How to get started with online freelancing jobs

Welcome to another edition of Mostmoneyideas, we provide u with online money-making opportunities and also legit online jobs.

Today won’t be an exception, I will introduce you to one of the best platforms in the world where you can get legit online jobs and make money from them. This platform is been in existence since 2009 and its headquarters was in Sidney, Australia.
So let’s get started.



                   What is freelancer

According to Wikipedia freelancer is a crowd-sourcing marketplace website that allows potential employers to post jobs freelancers can bid to complete.

A freelancer can also be called an independent contractor is a self-employed individual who is not committed to a single service they work for a different company, this type of service they offered is been paid hourly or daily another interesting part of this job is that they can operate with there name and not having any registered company name.

The regularity of freelance can vary Many works for the same clients over a period of time whilst others work on specific projects. 
Freelancing work also provides an opportunity to work from home.

Through freelancing most work is more efficient, fast, and effective

Different Ways to Make Money Online as a Freelancer

Here are the best freelancing gigs

1. Web design and development.

According to Forbes creating, designing, and also managing websites for clients is one of the best ways to make earnings as a freelancer. These online freelancing jobs can earn you up to $36-$46 hourly.

2. Graphic design.

In this present era, there is a high demand for graphic design in the freelancing industry. A graphic designer can earn up to $25+ per hour as a freelancer.

3. Writing.

What is more interesting than getting paid for what you love doing, on freelancing you have the chance to make $30+ per hour on freelancer which makes it lucrative.

4.  Programmers

As a programmer, you have a better chance of making living online. The service of programmers is the most requested, you have the chance of earning $55 to $200 per hour as a freelancer. This is just an amazing way of making money online doing online freelancing jobs.

5.  Administrative Assistant 

Professional assistants can earn between $17 to $20 an hour.

6.  Social Media Coordinator

Being a community manager or social media coordinator can result in $20 to $25 an hour isn’t this great?

7.  Business Project Management 

Project Managers and Process Analysts are estimated to make $34 to $46 an hour.

8. Marketing 

Project managers, Marketing coordinators, or Marketing managers can make between $46 to $52 an hour.

Freelancing is an extra way of making money online.

Those are some of the most requested services for freelancers.

Some Advantages of Freelance work

There are many advantages to being a freelancer. Being an independent contractor has so many advantages which will be discussed in this section.

1.  No Qualification is required.

One of the advantages of online freelancing jobs is that no educational qualification is required .you don’t need any certificate before you could work as a freelancer. But having a certificate is an added advantage.

2.  You are the boss

Being the boss at what you do is pretty cool online freelance jobs provide that opportunity, you can choose when and where to work. 
Additionally, you can also select what projects you want to work on.

3. Lower taxes

Federal and state taxes are not withheld from your paychecks and freelancers pay the IRS directly four times per year, including the self-employed tax in place of social security. They also have access to tax deductions like office, travel, meal, and internet expenses.

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4.  Make more money

Online freelance work makes it very easy to make more online, you have the chance to make over $30+ in just an hour of working as a freelancer. Some people take this as an extra way of making money online.

5.  Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the characteristics of online freelance jobs, you have the choice to choose what type of job you want to do, and what time you wanted to do them also you decide where you will do them.

6.  Location is not a barrier

Another advantage of online freelance jobs is that your location doesn’t really matter, you can work for clients in another part of the continent, and you don’t necessarily have to be physically present before you can work.

7.  Happier and Healthier   

Studies have found that freelancers are happier and healthier, both mentally and physically than offline workers.

8. You enjoy the opportunity to earn more when the demand for your services in several organisations increases.

9. Freelancing allows you to work for more than one company at the same time

10. Contract periods are short and reduce the possibility of getting bored

  Some disadvantages of online Free jobs

There is nothing that has advantages that won’t have its own side effect, as online freelance jobs have many advantages they also have some disadvantages. Some of them are listed below 

1. Risk of not getting paid.

Every job have its own difficulties including online freelancing jobs, one of the problems freelancer faced is the issue of not getting paid for their service, Some clients either don’t pay on time or they don’t pay at all. 
This is on like the offline or traditional workers which received their salary or wages at the end of every month.

2. Inconsistency of jobs

Once your clients or your employer doesn’t have any project at hand that means you don’t have any work for money, this is one of the disadvantages of online freelance jobs. Unlike offline workers their work is constant and they are paid at the end of every month.

3. You Have to Handle Accounting

Taxes, bookkeeping, and managing cash flow is up to you. While there is readily available software to assist you with your accounting, it’s an additional task that traditional employees do not have to bother with.

4.  You get to take responsibility for the failure tasks directly

5. You don’t enjoy employee benefits and perks like full-time staff do

6. You have so many roles to play.

Those are the disadvantages facing online freelance, which have nothing to do with traditional or offline workers.

Where to find freelance jobs

In this section, I will list the best website to find online freelance jobs. These are the best and most trusted site where you can get freelance jobs.

These marketplace websites have a broad sampling of freelance jobs. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, marketer, salesperson, photographer, or virtually any other service provider, there are freelance jobs for you on these marketplaces.



1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the online marketplaces where you can start your freelancing journey. Every job starts at $5, this sounds low right ???  But you can start here. 
Check www.fiverr.com

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2 Upwork.

Upwork is the combination of two freelancing sites oDesk and Elance, these two freelancing sites combine together to form the great Upwork which is one the best freelancing platform in the world with over 12 million freelancers and over 5 million clients. Upwork is beginner-friendly and it very easy to navigate 
Check www.upwork.com

3. Freelancer

This site has a huge variety of projects, some formatted hourly and some as contests – the only downside is that they only give 8 free applications before you have to pay the membership fee. The project fee is also a little different – pay between $3-5 or 3-5%, whichever is greater (one of the cheaper commission rates).
Check www.freelancer.com

4.  Flexjobs

This site is not only designed for freelancers it is also for other flexible gigs. It’s sorted by the type of freelance job (or otherwise) you may want, and you won’t have to worry about scam postings, because they research the jobs and monitor new gigs pretty thoroughly. Check www.flexwork.com

5. Guru

Creating your profile to showcase your experience is pretty easy on guru, this makes it easy to contact potential employers,
They give a decent amount of free applications, rationed by the year, and charge about 9% commission. Check www.guru.com

6. Servicescape

This marketplace website was initially launched in the year 2000, it is a global marketplace comprising of a skilled and experienced freelancer which are good in some of the top-rated Forbes gigs like
Graphic design, blog writing, translation, and also a programmer.

To date, they’ve had over 259,000 completed projects with more than 79,000 clients that’ve used the platform.

ServiceScape is a great place to spend some time and apply to projects that work for you.

7. Paid to blog

This idea was brought up by some expert freelancers, this idea of paid to blog was to bring expert writers and blog writers to a community where their service will request and paid for what they love doing. But the bad news about this paid-to blog is the membership fee is $30 per month.


This article will guide you on how to start online freelancing jobs without previous experience, With freelance work being such an enticing prospect, no one would blame you for giving it some serious thought. However, a common issue is simply not knowing how to start. Luckily, building a successful freelancing career is easy than most people think to follow this procedure to get started.


You have to think outside the box when choosing your craft, we all cannot be programmers or graphic designers, you have to find your own primary skills that you are good at doing for example if you can write very good content then you have the potential to freelance writing business.


One of the important things to be aware of if you want to be a successful freelancer is that you need to create a Strong brand. This strong brand you created will set you ahead of your competitor.

This brand I am referring to is your identity I.e your id card, your social media account, or your blog and it should clearly communicate your unique selling proposition — what you do that makes you special.

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Many prospective clients are not concerned with qualifications, they simply want to see what you have done in the past and judge whether it is the right fit for them.

So if you want to be a successful freelancer you have to build up your portfolio consisting of your past projects which will enhance customers.


You should only seek to pay clients when you are able to demonstrate your abilities (and your reputation) with a quality portfolio and testimonials. Once you have done so by working on pro bono jobs, it’s time to start pitching.


Ultimately, securing freelance work is a numbers game — the more prospective clients you contact, the more likely you are to find work. That is the equation you should keep in mind. If you have a reasonable skill set and create a quality brand, there is no reason why you cannot succeed in the world of freelancing as so many others have before you.


Here are the top 10 freelance sites and online marketplaces in Nigeria.

These are top-rated marketplaces in Nigeria where clients and freelancers meet.


Asuqu is one of the top-rated online marketplaces in Nigeria where creative and professional service is been served. Asuqu connect both the freelancer and the client for professional service which enhanced small and medium enterprise. 
The service offers small businesses unique and cheap pricing for services such as graphic design, social media marketing, and content marketing.
Click here https://www.asuqu.com


According to the description on the site homepage, it is an online marketplace for digital services and gigs, where customers find and connect with diverse qualified freelance experts in Africa in the most affordable, timely, and secure manner.

Findworka was officially launched in 2006 having over one thousand freelancers offering different services including graphic design, programming, blog writing, social medial coordinator, and other services. Click here https://www.findworka.com


JO-LANNCER is an online marketplace designed to bridge the gap between freelancers and clients,

The good thing is that there is a possibility for a freelancer to eventually get a full-time job with the client company. Click here http://jolancer.com


This is a simple site where anyone can find basic work and get paid for it, it was designed to help people to solve their immediate needs, it is typically Nigeria freelance site.
Click here https://www.justfrom5k.com


Gigs Nigeria is a well-thought-out platform for people to have small shops to make extra money as Freelancers of small jobs. Also, no need for thinking of big money to get things done, all that buyers need to do is to look for an expert that can deliver their small jobs for small money and with big gains.

Click here to start http://www.gigsnigeria.com


Whether you are a programmer, graphic designer, content writer, social media coordinator, or even a student there is a way for you to make money online doing online freelance jobs, you don’t need any certificate or capital to start, check out the above freelance site to start your journey of success.

Also if you are a full-time worker or offline worker who is looking for additional ways of making money without affecting your current work, freelancing is the best way of making money online doing online freelancing jobs, checkout Money Making Ideas for more info.

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