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Best Affiliate Marketing Networks in Nigeria

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Many peoples have considered affiliate marking as a full-time job but it can also be an extra way of making money in Nigeria.
   Affiliating marketing is one of the easy ways to make money online without any capital currently in Nigeria.

Why Choose Affiliating Marketing

Many peoples especially students prefer Affiliating marketing because it does not require any capital to start or any special activities to make money online.

How to start Affiliating Marketing in Nigeria

 Starting Affiliating Marketing in Nigeria wasn’t something hard but you have to be socially active.
 One of the most way to be successful in Affiliating Marketing is to be socially active. 
 I will briefly explain some of the best affiliating sites in Nigeria.

List of Affiliating Sites in Nigeria

    Below are the list of some of the trusted and reliable affiliating marketing site in the.
      Those sites allow you to earn without limitation.

1. Jumia

    Jumia we all know, is the number one online shopping site in Nigeria.
       Jumia was created on  July 2012and since then it has proven itself to be one in Nigeria.
     Jumia Affiliating marketing allows its users to earn money online without any capital.

           Advantages of Jumia Affiliating marketing

   The number one online shopping site in Nigeria use it Affiliating marketing to provide extra means through many Nigerians can generated extra money, other advantages will be discussed below.

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i.  Jumia Affiliating marketing does not require capital.   This is the most important reason for choosing jumia Affiliating marketing. You don’t have to have any capital before you can start jumia affiliating marketing.

ii. Free registration. This is another reason for you to go for jumia affiliating marketing because the registration is free and no hidden charges is attached to it. Sign up through this link https://affiliates.jumia.com/sign-up

iii. Registration Bonus. Jumia affiliating marketing give out the sum of #1000 to its new registered member.

iv. Easy and Flexible Dashboard. Jumia dashboard is easy to use and  registered affiliating members have total control have there dashboard.

v.  Users have the choice to promote any products.
   This is another interesting part of jumia affiliating marketing, affiliating marketers have the choice to promote any products ranging from electronics, phones and tabs, woman dress, man wears and other products.
vi.  Easy withdrawal Process. Jumia have easy withdraw process for it affiliating marketers to receive there earning into their respective banks.

 How to Registered for Jumia Affiliating marketing

     I will be explaining the procedure to registered for Jumia affiliating marketing.  There are no special requirements for registering for jumia affiliating.  Click on this link  https://affiliates.jumia.com/sign-up
to register and enter the required information.

How to earn with jumia affiliating marketing

    There are various ways to make money using jumia affiliating marketing and it will be explain below.
    After successful registration for the affiliating marketing what next is login into user dashboard and select the products you are interested in promoting and products you can market. There are various ways through which you can sell those products. These ways will be explained

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i.  Blog or Site

  One of the ways to sell the products is through a blog or site. If you are blogging this will be additional way to earn with your site, all you have to do is to select the products that match with your site niche, copy the HTML code and past it in your site for visitors.

ii. Social media

This is the most trending way to sell items nowadays. Many people find social media as a source of information and also as a means to attract customers to there business or service. You can also use the social media to advertised the affiliating products to larger audience.

iii. Families and Friends

  You have to also encourage your families and friend to buy those products using your affiliating link.

Also you have to note that the more you sell those products using your affiliating link the more you earn.

2.   Konga

     Konga is also among the leading online shopping site in Nigeria. The aims of the organization was to be the leading online shopping site in Nigeria and also to provide peoples need.

Konga Affiliating marketing

Konga also enable people most especially students and those that need extra way of making money to earn money using there affiliating marketing.  You have to choose from there products ranging from electronics to phone & tabs and also women and men wear and other daily need and promote the products also sell the products.

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How to Get Started with Konga Affiliating marketing

    Before you could start Konga affiliating marketing you have to register using this link http://konga.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/signup.php
  After a successful registration for the affiliating registration what you have to do next is to login into user affiliating dashboard.

Choice of Affiliating products

This is one of the factors to consider while choosing products to an affiliate. The products should be marketable and also the products should be trending items in which people will be interested in buying.

Best Konga Products to affiliate

This are the products that are easily affiliate, and also many people will be interested in buying the products. These products are

i.  Phone and Tabs 
ii. Women and Man’s wears
iii. Shoes 
iv. Books

Konga pays its affiliating marketing 30% when an item is sold.

 Konga Affiliate Minimum Payout

  Konga’s minimum payout for affiliates is N5000 which is not too much.

  Did you like those affiliating marketing discussed above, if yes your comment in the commenting section and don’t forget to share it with friends and families.

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